Image Art by @gouacheink

A thought I've been having lately- To make peace without forgiveness, I do it for my own mind, my own future, and you need nothing from me too.


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    Brent Skillicorn (@kekoaskills) Plus Member
    04/06/2021 @ 3:27pm

    Thank you for sharing and love the colors and layout!

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    Tricia Clark (@gouacheink)
    04/06/2021 @ 4:03pm

    @KekoaART thanks :)

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    Dahlia Sanders (@pandagirl2001)
    04/16/2021 @ 1:36pm

    This art is insane. Very talented.

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    Tricia Clark (@gouacheink)
    04/16/2021 @ 1:37pm

    Thank you :) @pandagirl2001

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    Melissa Scheu (@inkpaperstring)
    04/17/2021 @ 9:48am

    This is so beautiful and really resonated with me right now. Thank you so much for sharing!

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    Tricia Clark (@gouacheink)
    04/17/2021 @ 10:07am

    I’m glad it did, thank you :) @inkpaperstring

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