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A curated selection of some of the best art uploaded to Doodle Addicts.

Eyes Tell All

If eyes are the window to the soul, these artworks are the perfect way to look inside.

Surrealism Studies

Artwork free of conscious control, rooted in imagination and juxtaposition.

Relatable Characters

Whether you're happy, sad, lonely, or in a mood, you're sure to find something that resonates within these artworks.

Fantastical Lands

Wander through these other worldly works of art full of magic, imaginary creatures, and mystic settings.

Urban Sketching

Pick a scene that floats your boat, doodle away, and snap a picture of the result in front of your inspiration.

The Doodle Addict Postcard

Since the launch of Doodlers Anonymous (and now Doodle Addicts), we've been surprising customers with blank postcards that they can doodle all over and mail back to us. This section features an archive of some of our favorites that we received over the years.


Whether it’s abstract and zany or insanely realistic, bursting with color or done using only a pen, all portraits are welcome here!

Post-it Notes

Sure, they're tiny and the edges awkwardly curl up, but these delightful doodles have finally found a place they can call home!


Whether it’s covered in fur, feathers, scales, or hairless: it makes no difference. Animal-lovers rejoice with our latest collection of critters.

Show Your Workspace

Get inspired to make the most of your desk with our favorite creative workspaces from the people that make up Doodle Addicts.

Plants and Flowers

Blooming with inspiration straight from mother nature, this gallery has planted its roots right in our hearts.

Doodles on Objects

For those days when paper just doesn't cut it, we’ve created a place for people who've gone doodle-crazy on various objects.

In Living Color

There is nothing quite like our Doodlers Anonymous coloring books that feature different artists from around the globe, and the way people choose to color them is just as unique. Check out this gallery of DA pages that people have brought to life and shared with us, and send us yours too!


New Drawing Challenge

Sketchy News Drawing Challenge

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