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A curated selection of some of the best art uploaded to Doodle Addicts.

On the Go

A collection honoring the way we all get around these days - good old vehicles! From cars to campers and everything in between, we hope these artworks get your brain's wheels turning.

Color Studies: Green

The doodles really are greener on this side!

2023 #Goals

As 2022 comes to an end, we're reflecting on all the ways we hope 2023 manifests for our community. Whether you choose to spend more time in nature, listen to more music, spend time with friends, practice self-love, or just choose happiness - we hope 2023 is all the things 2022 wasn't.

Holiday Cheer

It's the happiest time of the year, Doodle Addicts! We hope this collection of the most cheerful artwork on Doodle Addicts brings you all the holiday spirit you'll ever need.

Neon Dreams

A fun collection of the most fluorescent, bright, and bold artwork on Doodle Addicts

Experimenting with Textures

A gallery of all things soft, fuzzy, scaled, rough, and every other texture under the sun!

The Wild Wild West

A collection of artwork exploring the American frontier! From cowboys to horses and everything in between, these are the wildest doodles in the west.

Monsters, Ghouls, and Goblins

It's officially spooky season! From ghosts to unknown creatures, here are some of the creepiest artworks on Doodle Addicts.

Color Studies: Orange

Dive into a gallery of freshly squeezed orange juice, blooming flowers, beautiful sunsets, and more.

A World of Watercolor

Deceptively easy looking, watercolor is one of the most versatile (and fun!) art mediums. Enjoy this gallery featuring vibrant flowers, serene landscapes, and funky patterns.

Fun with Fungi

A gallery of these fun guys definitely won't bore you! Explore mushrooms neon and earthy, short and tall, cute and creepy.

Sci-fi & the Supernatural

Robots, aliens, lasers, and spaceships galore!

Feeling Sleepy

Person or animal, in your bed or on the subway -- sometimes, we all just need a little snooze.

Stunning Sculptures

Give your pencil a break and dive into a world of polymer clay, sophisticated sculptures and pumpkin carvings!

Coffee Creations

A set of artworks so dynamic you can almost smell the coffee wafting off them!

Country Escape

Escape to the countryside and explore a gallery of fresh vegetables, farm animals, and stunning sunsets.

Flamin' Artworks!

Scroll through a collection of fiery, fun artworks that seem to jump off the page -- careful not to get burned!

Rainy Day Doodles

Curl up and get cozy with these beautiful depictions of sun showers and thunderstorms.

Pencil Sketches

Going back to the basics with some cool old school pencil sketches.

Just Dance!

Whether formal ballet, hip hop, or freestyle, dancing -- like drawing -- is about fun and self-expression. Explore a collection of artworks capturing the beauty of movement in all its forms.

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Draw them! Enjoy this collection of fruits good enough to eat.

Movie Magic

Celebrate the magic of movies - comedy or drama, animated or live action - with these creative interpretations of our favorite characters.

Dynamic Deserts

Deserts are filled with so much more than meets the eye. Traverse these vibrant deserts of sandy dunes, camel caravans, and prickly cacti.

The Charm of Colored Pens

Who says your favorite bic ballpoint can't create a masterpiece?

Women Drawn by Women

A gallery celebrating female artists and creatives for Women’s History Month.

Color Studies: Purple

A collection as diverse as the color purple, from light and mellow to moody and reflective.

The Robots of Doodle Addicts

Beep beep! It seems these quirky cyborgs and friendly neighborhood robots have taken over your feed!

Be Mine?

A cute, pink, heartwarming collection of Valentine's day doodles.

Not Your Typical Kicks

Delve into a gallery of colored vans and converse, whether drawn directly on or a drawing of. Where's the fun in white shoes, anyway?

Greek Mythology

Gorgons, togas, and the larger than life gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece.

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