Check our Favorite Art Galleries

A curated selection of some of the best art uploaded to Doodle Addicts.

Pen and Ink

We're going back to basics with this gallery, but basics is never a bad thing! Check out some of the best pen and ink illustrations on Doodle Addicts.

Colored Pencil Creations

What may have once been regarded as a drawing tool for young kids has developed into one of the most widely used art mediums for artists around the world. Explore this collection of some of the best colored pencil art on Doodle Addicts.

Plantiful Art

Artwork depicting plant life is plentiful on the Doodle Addicts website, but here are some of our favorites!

Doodle Bombs

A blast to the past! Here are some of our favorite artworks that pay homage (or were submitted) to a Doodlebomb drawing challenge we hosted in 2012.

Superheroes and Villains

These artworks are coming to save the day (or destroy it)!

In the Wild

A collection of art showcasing wild animals from all over the world.

Our Planet

A collection of artwork showcasing the beauty that can be found all around us, wherever you are in the world.

Too Cute

Browse through some of the cutest art on Doodle Addicts.

From Games to Art

A collection of art showcasing some of the most popular video games of all time, MMORPG's we all know and love, and tabletop role-playing games.

Music Drives the Soul

And the art tool! Check out some of the best music inspired art on Doodle Addicts.

Color Studies: Pink

Pink symbolizes all things love and inner peace, and that's exactly what this collection of artwork brings.

Sublime Watercolors

Browse through some of the best watercolor paintings on Doodle Addicts.

Charming Collages

From many, comes one. A gallery full of some of the best collage artwork on Doodle Addicts.

Pleasant Patterns

Your one-stop-shop for all things pattern design and inspiration.

Curious Cats

A collection of artwork showcasing the coolest cats in town.

Sketchbook Series

From random doodles to edge-to-edge illustrations, this collection of sketchbook artwork is not to miss.

Digital Dreams

A peek into the incredible world of Digital Art on Doodle Addicts.

Lovely Lettering

From A to Z and everything in between, browse through some of the best lettering pieces on Doodle Addicts.

Written In The Stars

Explore the bounds of space through these interstellar artworks

Abstract Artistry

Art that is completely unique and free floating in its representation.

Color Studies: Yellow

A collection of happiness, browse through some of the brightest art on Doodle Addicts

In the Depths

Wade through these artworks lurking somewhere below the surface.

Good Enough to Eat

A collection of art so delicious we want to eat it through the screen

Take A Trip

A place for art that takes you to the weirdest parts of your mind

Caffeinated Creativity

Artists sharing their love and appreciation of the drink that fuels all creativity, coffee.

Eyes Tell All

If eyes are the window to the soul, these artworks are the perfect way to look inside.

Surrealism Studies

Artwork free of conscious control, rooted in imagination and juxtaposition.

Relatable Characters

Whether you're happy, sad, lonely, or in a mood, you're sure to find something that resonates within these artworks.

Fantastical Lands

Wander through these other worldly works of art full of magic, imaginary creatures, and mystic settings.

Urban Sketching

Pick a scene that floats your boat, doodle away, and snap a picture of the result in front of your inspiration.

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