Artist Spotlight

The Enchanting Illustrations of Zom Osborne

Zom Osborne is an artist originally from the Pacific Northwest, who is now creating magical illustrations while living in the rainforest on the east cost of Australia.

The Soulful Artwork of Chemical Sister

There are so many artists on the Doodle Addicts platform that sometimes it's understandable why someone may have never come across a particular artist, but Chemical Sister is one of those Doodle Addicts that is almost always on the trending page - and for good reason!

Captivating Digital Portraits with Bożena Ostrysz

Regardless of which of Bożena's pieces you stop to take in, there's a captivating energy and life that her artwork emits that you can't help but be dragged in by.

The Dark Fantasy Inspired Art of Rhea Daniel

You may recognize Rhea Daniel's artwork on the Doodle Addicts website for the bright colored sketchbooks she's used in the past, or the surreal subject matter she weaves into her work.

The Creative and Daring Nature of Sabina Hahn's Art

Whether you take a bite out of one of her funny food name artworks, or tip toe carefully through her superstition based art - you're sure to fall in love with the overall creativity and daring nature of Sabina's work as an artist.

The All-Around Genius Artwork of David Terrill

Much like the experiences throughout David's life, the artwork you may recognize him for on the Doodle Addicts website is varied but ultimately makes up the smaller parts of a beautifully executed wide body of work.

The Curious and Imaginative Artwork of Francisco Toledo

Francisco’s work is the perfect mixture of talent and a wide-reaching imagination.

The Vibrant and Whimsical Artwork of Inês Antunes

Inês’ artwork always provides a curious and whimsical feeling for its viewers that can transport you to the most uncharted parts of the imagination!

Gouache and Ink with Tricia Clark

Whether it be one of their sketchbook artworks depicting flowers or skies, or an edge-to-edge illustration of a person encompassed by the sea, there's something to be found and appreciated within everything Tricia creates.

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