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OKAT Plus Member

Artist + Co-Founder Miami, Florida

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Yashica MAT - 124 TLR Classic Camera
Not my house
Rock Study

Steph Plus Member

Illustrator • Designer Huntington Beach, California

Here comes the sun.
Watercolor doodles
Watercolor Sketchbook

GROBO Plus Member

Illustrator + Graphic Designer Santa Cruz, CA

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Studio corner
4 eyes
Life below
Kristen Solecki

Kristen Solecki Plus Member

Artist & Illustrator

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Blue City
Pink Coat
A Casa

FRENEMY Plus Member

Illustrator / Street Artist Tel Aviv, Israel

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Broken Homes Create Broken Homes.
Topsy Turvy
Ox Alien X Frenemy Rotterdam
David Terrill

David Terrill Plus Member

illustrator/professor/cd/dad/hubby Kansas City

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A few drawings from a recent trip to Detroit
My old baseball glove
From sketchbook to mural
Leah Lucci

Leah Lucci Plus Member

sketchbook filler, list maker, designer, & Doritos enthusiast Central PA

Trunchbull and Frankenstein
Census Taker
Oompa Loompa Moth
Hugo Seijas

Hugo Seijas Plus Member

Coder and Co-Founder Miami, FL

Father time doodle
Julia Hill

Julia Hill Plus Member

Illustrator Torquay

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Buckfast Abbey Millennium Garden in progress....
Buckfast Abbey Millennium Garden 2018
Wild Hare
Danielle Estefan

Danielle Estefan Plus Member

Illustrator + Graphic Designer Miami, FL

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Slit Your Throat
Chris Fraser

Chris Fraser Plus Member

Illustrator, designer and artist Helsinki, Finland.

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Another Part of the Toasted City
Stumbling through Jumble City
Dietrich Adonis

Dietrich Adonis Plus Member

Illustrator, ART Teacher,Muralist Florida /U.S Virgin Islands

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At The Mall
What If. . .??

New Drawing Challenge

Imaginary Friend Drawing Challenge

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