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  • Coffee Cup Drawing Challenge
  • Drawn Opposites Challenge
  • Design a Wall Clock

Inspired by our award-winning Drawing Challenges, our weekly art prompts are designed to help you get the pen moving regardless of your skill level or comfort zone. They come in varying lengths and offer a fresh way for you to attempt new mediums, techniques, and subjects you may have never dreamt of exploring before.


How it Works

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Step 2

You concept and
create your artwork.

We provide the theme, medium, and color.

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Fun Highlights

  • Every week is a surprise
  • Art Prompts are short and manageable
  • Delivered straight to your inbox
    (you don’t have to go searching for inspiration)
  • Push yourself past periods of creative blocks
  • Explore new drawing mediums and techniques
  • Exclusive to Plus members

Wake up your Creativity!

Our main goal is to help you break the creative shackles that can hold your work back, while also sharing your artwork with other exclusive members all working towards the same goal. And of course, it’s a fun way to improve your skills and celebrate the doodle addiction!

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