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Junkyard Sam

Junkyard Sam Plus Member

Artist & Illustratior Seattle, WA

Quick, Stop the Bully Drop! v2.0, Watercolor Edition
Border Patrol
Purplebird Yelowsky

Steph Plus Member

Illustrator • Designer Huntington Beach, CA

Ocean Fish
Sand Dollars

FRENEMY Plus Member

Illustrator / Street Artist Tel Aviv, Israel

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Life in the Big City.
Kimbop and Doodle Dog escape from the bad place.
New tshirt design
Danielle Estefan

Danielle Estefan Plus Member

Illustrator + Graphic Designer Miami, FL

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Slit Your Throat
Dietrich Adonis

Dietrich Adonis Plus Member

Illustrator, ART Teacher,Muralist Florida /U.S Virgin Islands

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At The Mall
What If. . .??
Nai Obeid

Nai Obeid Plus Member

Illustrative Designer and Artist Austin, TX

Sketchbook Musings
Orange and red landscape
Texture Documetation
Rebecca Tregear

Rebecca Tregear Plus Member

Artist, Illustrator, Painter and Photographer Australia

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Inktober 8
Inktober 7 Exhausted
Inktober 6 Drooling
Suzanne Gibbs

Suzanne Gibbs Plus Member

Artist and Author Oregon

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Explore Yes
Perfect life
Melissa Favorite

Melissa Favorite Plus Member

Freelance Illustrator Minneapolis, MN

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WIP Keepsake box hand painted
Frog Princess
Jannett Peña

Jannett Peña Plus Member

Visual Artist, Art Educator Houston, TX

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mi gata
Melly Pereda

Melly Pereda Plus Member

Art Director, Artist, Graphic Designer, Photographer Fort Lauderdale, FL

Julie Lehite

Julie Lehite

Watercolorist Miami, FL

Watercolor Figure
Feathers in my Hair
Koi Fish
Cath Gomes

Cath Gomes

Illustrator, animator and comics writer.

Inktober 2018 - Day 20/31 - The stories Ive heard in the Land of Hurt: The Heart of the Boy with the Worst Friends
Inktober 2018 - Day 19/31 - The stories Ive heard in the Land of Hurt: Sakichi, the Princess of the Weapons
Inktober 2018 - Day 18/31 - The stories Ive heard in the Land of Hurt: Samson, the Lucid

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Imaginary Friend Drawing Challenge

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