Portraits + Patternz Series by Martin Vareness-Cooke

November 2, 2018 by Hugo Seijas
Portraits + Patternz Series by Martin Vareness-Cooke

Doodle Addicts member Martin Varennes-Cooke has captivated us all with his "Patternz Series", uploaded to the site. The series features a variety of portraits that lay over buzzing backgrounds. The patterns are colorful, intricate, and work wonders to make the illustrated women pop out at you, showing off their bold personalities and effortless poise. Below are a bunch of my favorite drawings, but there is no shortage of illustrations in this series so follow Martin on Doodle Addicts for more!

Portrait of girl rolling her eyes

Portrait of a girl

Portrait of woman with a flower background

Drawing of a girl with blue hair

Drawing of girl in front of vegetation

Blonde girl portrait

Hand drawn person

Drawing of girl wearing a black dress

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