Scott Mackie Gives Antique Papers a Breath of New Life

November 21, 2018 by Lauren Konopacki
Scott Mackie Gives Antique Papers a Breath of New Life

Scott Mackie has a very interesting alternative to drawing inside of an empty sketchbook when it come to his uploads on DA. He is a ballpoint pen artist that doodles on various types of old, vintage papers including (but not limited to) postcards, books, maps, menus, and wedding invites. Some of the items that he draws on are over 100 years old! I like how he combines the antique feeling with more modern pop culture icons, or sometimes even animals. The overall concept is genius, giving these old otherwise forgotten items a new breath of life. Follow Scott on DA if you'd like to see more unique pieces that stray away from your typical sketchbook illustrations!

Wizard of Oz drawing over paper

Wizard of Oz Witch

Humming Bird

Deer drawing on a map

Drawing of Man on an old book

Musician drawing in an old book

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