Artist Spotlight: Tonya Doughty

July 22, 2018 by Lauren Konopacki
Artist Spotlight: Tonya Doughty

The amount of awesome artwork we sift through on Doodle Addicts can be overwhelming! Browsing through, I couldn't help but notice Tonya Doughty's colorful artwork that seems to just pop right off the post-it!  Mesmerized by the bold petals and bright colors, her far-from-gloomy florals literally changed my mood as I scrolled through them. She made perfect use of the post-its saturated color in a way that was productive to the overall look and feel of her artwork. Be sure to check out more of Tonya's uploads, follow her on DA, and post some of your own artwork while you're at it!

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    Christina Cloud (@christinalyn365)
    09/07/2018 @ 11:39pm

    Wow, all of these floral drawings are amazing!

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