Artist Spotlight: Diana Koehne

July 26, 2018 by Lauren Konopacki
Artist Spotlight: Diana Koehne

I want to take a second to appreciate Diana Koehne for being such an active member of the Doodle Addicts community. Her artwork has even made it's home inside one of our DA coloring books! There is something special about her illustrations of "the people inside her head" that draws you in. Maybe it's the way she creates loose, abstract lines or the fact that she cuts out portraits like little puppets bringing them to life. Either way, Diana is an awesome artist who puts her own unique spin into everything she creates and you can see even more on by checking out her profile!

Portrait drawing by Diana Koehne
Slender woman portrait
Drawings on paper cut outs
Fun drawing of a nerdy looking character
Drawing of a Person with a Hat
Marker Drawing
Drawings made with markers
Marker drawing of a cactus

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