The Soulful Artwork of Chemical Sister

October 13, 2020 by Serina Ward
The Soulful Artwork of Chemical Sister

Chemical Sister is an artist based out of Tbilisi, Georgia whose artwork you may recognize for the characters she brings to life or the healing and anti-stress doodles we've seen displayed across the trending page multiple times. As with many of the artists we highlight through these posts, Chemical Sister has a razor-sharp and unique style that we've loved since the very beginning. One of the most distinct features of her characters specifically are the faces she gives her illustrations, which often come across as sorrow, but in the most beautiful way imaginable. Beautiful is probably the best word to describe her work, because regardless of which piece of hers you turn to, you can always see a little bit of soul in them.

Original Artwork by Chemical Sister

There are so many artists on the Doodle Addicts platform that sometimes it's understandable why someone may have never come across a particular artist, but Chemical Sister is one of those Doodle Addicts that is almost always on the trending page - and for good reason! While we could spend days talking about her characters, we want to shine a bit of light on the different series she's brought to the platform that have resonated with the community. One example of this is the aforementioned anti-stress doodles and healing patches she's created. Although at the surface they may just seem like well put together doodles, when you take them in the context of their titles, you can begin unraveling the full picture of how calming and helpful these artworks are. There's something very pure and unfiltered about an artist showcasing the ways in which they deal with stress and lack of inspiration, especially when these sit mixed within their other full-fledged illustrations. We encourage you to browse through these artworks and experience the tranquility yourself!

Original Artwork by Chemical Sister

Keep reading to learn more about the artwork from the artist herself!

Interview with Chemical Sister

Your style is so distinct and unique, and one that we really love! Was there a process you went through to arrive at where your style is now? Or has it just developed into this over time?

I’d like to thank you for the feature, I’m very happy to participate.

I don’t think I have a style at all to be frank, I mean I've always wanted to have one, but failed to stay consistent. Because of a lot of reasons, but mostly because of disliking doing the same stuff for too long. I love experimenting and exploring different techniques and materials, I enjoy the random spontaneity of the possible results. I’m still like a kid who gets carried away in the process while trying out brand new crayons :) I’d say my style is still in development :)

We’ve noticed that you tend to move through various mediums and themes in your art, where it seems as though you focus solely on one thing before moving on to something else entirely afterwards. Is there anything you always come back to in your work?

I most usually draw characters, so I guess illustrating characters is the main love of my life. At least it has been for some time now, the tendency might change in the future.

Original Artwork by Chemical Sister

Some of our favorite work of yours comes in the form of the characters you illustrate, where does your inspiration for these come from?

They are all random, inspired and influenced by a mixture of personal experiences and love for character design, cartoons, video games, illustration, movies, music. I consider them my inner selfies.

Your anti-stress doodles, patterns, and more recently, your healing patches, are always well received by the community! What compelled you to begin these series?

Experimenting with different mediums and my love for decorative art. I usually do these when I’m uninspired or too stressed to draw, but still want to draw, it helps me soothe my anxious perfectionist and overthinking mind. No stress, no pressure, pure therapy! :) Mindlessly making something easy, simple and nice looking always feels rewarding for me, I love that feeling, it makes me happy - that’s why I call them “anti stress/healing patches/mental bandaids” :) 

What are some of your favorite art tools you use when creating your art?

I don’t have any favorite tools. I most often draw with pencils but I like the feel  and element of unpredictability in any traditional media, which I find harder to achieve digitally, the maximized ability to control the digital drawing process is a creativity killer for me, because my perfectionism gets in the way and urges me to undo-redo the hell out of every single stroke, it takes me twice as much time to draw and the artwork tends to lose the so important and precious spontaneity for me along the way. So I prefer traditional over digital any day, but I do stuff digitally as well, I always try to maintain/imitate the traditional look/feel though.

Which artists on Doodle Addicts do you recommend everyone follow?

I hope it’s not too many! :) JouluDavid TerrillMaria BălanSúa AgapéInês AntunesKasia GalaDalton StarkJim BradshawCarmen GarciaDiana Koehne, and Rolf Schroeter.

Original Artwork by Chemical Sister

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