Doodle on a leaf

Image Art by @zamzammee

Had an event near a river and there were plenty huge leaves on the ground.


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    Doni Head (@Beautyobserver)
    04/05/2019 @ 12:21pm

    I love how you did this. This is so unique! Thanks for sharing.

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    Jim Bradshaw (@jimbradshaw) Plus Member
    04/05/2019 @ 2:15pm

    Now that's what you do with leaves! Nice job.

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    zamzammee (@zamzammee) Plus Member
    04/06/2019 @ 12:37pm

    Thanks man @jimbradshaw

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    zamzammee (@zamzammee) Plus Member
    04/06/2019 @ 12:38pm

    Glad u liked it

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    Monica Hanlin (@MonicaHanlin) Plus Member
    04/06/2019 @ 5:11pm

    I love this! This is like the fad of painting rocks and leaving them behind for others to enjoy, but do it on leaves - COOL.

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    Zion Walker (@NegaMan27)
    04/07/2019 @ 6:51pm

    Welp. Time to find a giant leaf.

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