Image Art by @JunkyardSam

I felt like drawing some old school arcade classics with my Sailor 1911 EF. fountain pen.


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    Lorrie Whittington (@Lorrie)
    02/07/2017 @ 3:27am

    I must show this to my daughter, she would love it.

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    OKAT (@okat) Plus Member
    02/07/2017 @ 10:44am

    This is so damn awesome. I agree @Lorrie my kids would love this.

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    Junkyard Sam (@JunkyardSam) Plus Member
    02/10/2017 @ 5:57am

    @Lorrie @okat Thank you both, have a wonderful weekend!!

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    Junkyard Sam (@JunkyardSam) Plus Member
    06/13/2018 @ 10:08pm

    @Lorrie Haha, I hope she liked it. I colored it but I'm not sure if I ever posted it. Oops

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