Image Art by @davethebear

Here is one of my old doodles.........


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    OKAT (@okat) Plus Member
    05/26/2017 @ 3:04pm

    I love margin to margin doodle pages like this. Well done!

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    David Howard (@davethebear)
    05/26/2017 @ 4:03pm

    @okat Thank you very much, much appreciated.....:)

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    lara nelson (@Laragn)
    05/29/2017 @ 5:58pm

    Awesome detail!

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    David Howard (@davethebear)
    05/29/2017 @ 10:03pm

    @Laragn cheers Lara.........glad you like it........:)

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    Rainy Hexemer (@RainyDayRecess)
    08/22/2017 @ 10:48pm

    Amazing, I agree with OKAT, the full bleed to the edges is really great, the amount of detail is mind blowing and shows your dedication, I also like how you show the entire sketchbook and pen, it brings it into perspective for me....I hope that makes sense ;)

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    David Howard (@davethebear)
    08/29/2017 @ 3:22pm

    @RainyDayRecess ....Thanks for your lovely comments, very much appreciated.......:)

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