Painted Zip Disk

Image Art by @jimbradshaw

Painted Zip disk. Mixed media. I love old retro stuff and found rejected objects. It's hard to believe how fast zip, floppy, jaz, etc. disks became yesterdays technology. It's about time these old disks found a new purpose and some respect.


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    OKAT (@okat) Plus Member
    07/20/2017 @ 10:46pm

    Wow. Like you, I'm old enough to have actually used zip disks. Not sure how much of our community would understand what is was like to carry around your entire library of work on 5 of these clunky things and pray it doesn't get damaged. The cloud has surely simplified things. Love the idea of repurposing them with art. Now you got me wanting to go dig around looking for my old ones.

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    Jim Bradshaw (@jimbradshaw) Plus Member
    07/20/2017 @ 11:45pm

    @okat 100mb on a portable disk when all we knew was 1.7mb was revolutionary. And I used to walk to school 1 mile in the snow with no shoes both ways. The kids today don't know how to suffer like we did.

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    Sandie (@Sandie)
    09/14/2018 @ 4:39pm

    I could quite happily live in the worlds you create! In fact, I just did for over an hour when I should have been working! Thank you for the joy!

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    Melissa Lomax (@Lomax)
    01/16/2019 @ 7:29pm

    @Sandie That is such a cool response... and I totally agree with it!

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