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OKAT Plus Member

Artist + Co-Founder Miami, Florida

Hire Me
Starry Pot
Random doodles of quirky vases
4 Potted Plants
Hugo Seijas

Hugo Seijas Plus Member

Coder and Co-Founder Miami, FL

Father time doodle
Dietrich Adonis

Dietrich Adonis

Illustrator, Educator, Muralist Florida /U.S Virgin Islands

Red Tide
Surfside Pray
Drawing from sketchbook
Danielle Estefan

Danielle Estefan

Illustrator + Graphic Designer Miami, FL

Slit Your Throat
Tammy Burgess

Tammy Burgess

Decorative Painter Tallahassee, FL

The cat
Joyce Rice

Joyce Rice

cartoonist Ocala, FL

One mile
Love letters from past me
Julie Lehite

Julie Lehite

Watercolorist Miami, FL

Watercolor Figure
Feathers in my Hair
Koi Fish
Valeria Loyola

Valeria Loyola

Graphic Designer/Illustrator Florida

Scribble Art


Artist | Designer | Professor South Florida

Lady O
Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) Brooch
Space Rabbit Doodle
Alvaro Diaz-Rubio

Alvaro Diaz-Rubio

Illustrator, Monster-Maker and Compulsive Doodler Miami, FL

Holy Hellions LP
Fresh Cuts


Graffiti artist, murals, digital art Florida

Powerlifting Gym Skull Mural Shoker_Art1
Shoker_art1 miami fluorescent art mural
Shoker_art1 fluorescent art mural miami
Julie D

Julie D

Pencil Artist Florida

Young Princess Diana
Adam Driver
My Friend’s child
Bill Crabb

Bill Crabb

Illustrator Animator and Graphic designer Clearwater, Florida

Batman Sketch cover of Joker
Batman Sketch cover
Spider Gwen Sketch cover
Theron Mattick

Theron Mattick

Artist, Musician. Jensen Beach, FL

Untitled Essence #81
Untitled Essence No.65
Untitled Essence #64
Brianna Eisman

Brianna Eisman

Artist, Blogger, Analyst, and Digital Marketer Florida

i am in a creative funk
Pretty Plants #3
Angel Numbers 11:11
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