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  • . artist
    . (@Dreamer111)
    05/13/2020 @ 11:18am

    Practice makes perfect You should try hard and learn as much as you can about the animal anatomy, its shapes...

  • IERY Art artist
    IERY Art (@IERYArt)
    05/19/2020 @ 6:13am

    1. I agree with @Dreamer111. You should learn to draw it. 2. You can even add in feature on how you draw landscapes into your animal. It will give the drawing a unique style. 3. If you really dont want to draw it, you can always ask someone else with the required skill to help you draw your idea and then give you credit... (but I prefer the top 2 suggestions...)

  • Hayley Jackson artist
    Hayley Jackson (@hayleygjackson)
    05/25/2020 @ 4:36am

    Animal art is all about hand eye co ordination. You can start by using a grid to get the proportions and outline right and then it is all about the shapes of the animal to make up the shading (if you're going for realistic) Using a reference is always the best idea even if you need to use a few to get the desired positioning. And it is all practice!

  • Sandra chavez artist
    Sandra chavez (@Sacha)
    08/18/2020 @ 3:28pm

    If you have a great idea already, find some photos in magazines, drawings, take pictures of play figures and figurines and imagine how you would place them in your great idea. Then practice drawing the things in those pictures that you want in your idea. It’s easier if the drawings and photos are black and white. Then just fill in the space around your drawings.

  • Zom Osborne artist
    Zom Osborne (@zom18)
    08/25/2020 @ 5:52pm

    I try to note all of my ideas in my sketchbook, whether I have the ability now or not to execute them. Then they are saved. You might do them down the track, or even several versions as you learn more.

  • David Wilson artist
    David Wilson (@David50Wilson)
    11/26/2020 @ 1:47am

    What do you do? Draw an animal.

  • Brent Skillicorn artist
    Brent Skillicorn (@kekoaskills) Plus Member
    03/07/2021 @ 5:12pm

    This is a great question! And yea, no matter how difficult it may seem; just start drawing the animal. It can be tough for our egos to be ok with starting from scratch as a beginner but everyone has to start somewhere. It's true some ppl are born with more talent or may pick things up really quick but just focus on your world. You have to dive into it and have some faith that you can indeed eventually do it! In fact; in a way its a really good thing to have a specific target that you can measure progress etc. It can seem so overwhelming; where do I start, which video or tutorial should I invest my time into etc. This is when I go to my phrase, Draw, Dont Think! Another way to look at this is - you could hire an artist or search for images and cut and paste and remix to try to get that vision you have (and then make an original version).

  • ClassyCat artist
    ClassyCat (@ClassyCat)
    09/12/2021 @ 5:09pm

    I definitely recommend practicing because that is the best way to get better. Never drawn an animal? Give it a try! You can also take classes or talk to professionals, either face to face or online. These are also some good ways to improve. I also find that if you're first starting out with something you can't do well, some step by step video tutorials online can also help, just to get you off the ground and get you started. Also getting feedback from anyone around you can be especially helpful. This is good to try and learn new things, to widen your circle of what you're good at when it comes to art. One last suggestion is that you draw a landscape, something you know how to do well already, and add an animal within it. That way, for starters anyways, you can have the art focusing on the scenery, and something you tried for the first time won't be the center of attention in case it doesn't go well the first time you try. Hope you found this helpful! :)

  • o0i9i artist
    o0i9i (@univeige)
    12/05/2021 @ 10:31pm

    I have that feeling. I don't draw.

  • Akuche Chimaobi Emmanuel artist
    Akuche Chimaobi Emmanuel (@Hover)
    01/16/2022 @ 9:12am

    Thanks to the digital art and different platform to learn, just see how that thing seeming difficult could be broken down, see some knowledge, watch tutorial, so as to understand and beat that self doubt. The most important thing is to accept you are learning and any result should not be judged, just accept u are learning. Hover.

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