Breaking News! Adobe Stock Partnership: What It Means For YOU

August 20, 2018 by Lauren Konopacki
Breaking News! Adobe Stock Partnership: What It Means For YOU

Grab your pencils, buckle up, and get ready for a brand new three-part drawing challenge unlike any other!

We are extremely excited to announce our latest partnership with Adobe Stock for the next three drawing challenges. Any creative knows that Adobe Stock is a secret weapon that provides you with access to millions of high-quality curated and royalty-free photos, videos, graphics, and templates…but have you considered taking things a step further by contributing to the Adobe Stock library? This is an amazing way to get your work in front of a global audience and earn passive income off the work you’re already creating. Market yourself as an artist, license your work, and get paid commission every time somebody downloads it! It’s as simple as that. Click here to find out more about Adobe Stock and how you can use it take your craft a step further.

You might be wondering how this all translates to our drawing challenges and what exactly this means for you. Each of the three drawing challenges are open to all artists and the stakes are high with our biggest prizes yet: The winner of each individual challenge will receive an entire year of Adobe Creative Cloud for FREE ($599 value). While all three challenges will have a totally different theme, artists and illustrators will continuously be encouraged to let their individual style shine bright.

But wait, there’s more! After the final drawing challenge of this three-part series has ended, the editorial team at Adobe Stock + Doodle Addicts will hand-select one artist that participated in all three challenges AND uploaded their submissions to the Adobe Stock library to be awarded our Grand Prize Pack! The Grand Prize Pack will consist of a 12.9 inch iPad Pro, 1 year of Adobe Creative Cloud, 1 Doodle Addict Sketchbook, 2 Coloring Books, and a T-Shirt. To qualify, you simply need to keep an eye out for the challenges marked with the Doodle Addicts x Adobe Stock logos and:

1. Participate in all 3 Doodle Addict x Adobe Stock-sponsored challenges on
2. Sign up for Adobe Stock and upload your 3 submissions to the Stock library

And voila! Once you complete these steps, you'll automatically be in the running for the Grand Prize Pack!

Don't miss your chance to participate in this amazing drawing challenge series (Second challenge is now live! Click here to participate), spread the word, and be sure to use #doodleaddictsxadobestock when you upload your work to your social media pages! May the odds be ever in your favor. Happy Doodling!

Grand Prize Pack:

  • 12.9 inch iPad Pro
  • 1 year of Adobe Creative Cloud
  • 1 Doodle Addicts Sketchbook
  • 2 Doodle Addicts Coloring Books
  • "The Doodle Is Good For Your Noodle" T-shirt



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    Zofia Jaśniewicz (@ZofJa)
    09/29/2018 @ 6:54am

    Can I still participate in the challenge starting with the 2nd one (Urban explorer) and be able to get awarded?

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