My work desk


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    OKAT (@okat) Plus Member
    01/08/2017 @ 3:08pm

    This kinda looks like my work desk too (specifically the Lorem Ipsum on the screen).

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    Micke Nikander (@MickeNikander)
    01/09/2017 @ 2:34pm

    @okat Ha haa! Good to know that I'm not the only one. :)

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    punka (@punka) Plus Member
    03/15/2018 @ 9:46am

    Wow I love this drawing. It totally captures my husband's desk.

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    Doodle Addicts (@doodleaddicts)
    10/30/2018 @ 12:02pm

    Oh! This is lovely! You should definitely consider submitting this art to our drawing challenge (Home Sweet Home) going on right now (it ends at 3pm).

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    Paola Lazo Solano (@PaolaLazo) Plus Member
    02/06/2019 @ 10:11am

    Love your LineArt!

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