Post-it Note Polaroids

Image Art by @okat

Finally some competition for my post-it note plants series :) These doodles were in response to last week’s weekly drawing prompt. Say cheese!


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    David Terrill (@davidterrillkc) Plus Member
    09/11/2020 @ 4:04pm

    Love them!

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    thisIZmyMIND (@thisIZmyMIND)
    09/11/2020 @ 11:52pm


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    OKAT (@okat) Plus Member
    09/17/2020 @ 12:54pm

    @Zazouka @davidterrillkc @thisIZmyMIND Thanks! They were definitely fun to draw.

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    venus (@binasuuu)
    09/18/2020 @ 8:53pm

    love the colour block coolness~

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    Chloe (@saltywaterfall101)
    09/22/2020 @ 6:23pm

    Very detailed for pen! Great work!

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    OKAT (@okat) Plus Member
    09/23/2020 @ 12:34pm

    @binasuuu Thank you, post-it note colors are the best for the way they pop.

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    OKAT (@okat) Plus Member
    09/23/2020 @ 12:35pm

    @saltywaterfall101 Thanks Chloe! It's a tiny space, but the square constraint makes it fun. My lines end up quirky due to the lack of space, which makes the drawings kinda fun.

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    vero (@vero)
    02/03/2021 @ 9:35am

    These are soo cool!!:)

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