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GROBO Plus Member

Illustrator + Graphic Designer Santa Cruz, CA

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Studio corner
4 eyes
Life below
Kristen Solecki

Kristen Solecki Plus Member

Artist & Illustrator

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Blue City
Pink Coat
A Casa

FRENEMY Plus Member

Illustrator / Street Artist Tel Aviv, Israel

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Broken Homes Create Broken Homes.
Topsy Turvy
Ox Alien X Frenemy Rotterdam
Julia Hill

Julia Hill Plus Member

Illustrator Torquay

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Buckfast Abbey Millennium Garden in progress....
Buckfast Abbey Millennium Garden 2018
Wild Hare
Danielle Estefan

Danielle Estefan Plus Member

Illustrator + Graphic Designer Miami, FL

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Slit Your Throat
Chris Fraser

Chris Fraser Plus Member

Illustrator, designer and artist Helsinki, Finland.

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Another Part of the Toasted City
Stumbling through Jumble City
Angela Martini

Angela Martini Plus Member

Illustrator & Textile/Surface Designer Brooklyn, NY

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I got pears!
Cat toys
Kyle Confehr

Kyle Confehr Plus Member

Multi-Disciplinary Designer philadelphia

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Chromostereopsis exercise
Were Gonna Be Ok
Play Hard
Nikki D. May

Nikki D. May Plus Member

Artist + Designer Paducah, KY

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More Patterns from my 100 Day Project
More from my #100daysofpattern2018 project
#100daysofpattern2018 - My #the100dayproject
Tony Rodriguez

Tony Rodriguez Plus Member

Aspiring artist Tacoma, WA

Tacoma rocks
Bad hair day
Rebecca Tregear

Rebecca Tregear Plus Member

Artist, Illustrator, Painter and Photographer Australia

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Still Life Study
Painted Piggy Bank
Pelican Choir
Emra Nation

Emra Nation Plus Member

Bonafide Swear-Mouth West Linn

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Ramen Doodles
Chlorophyll Schmorophyll
Emancipator Boi
Kasey Cole

Kasey Cole Plus Member


Jannett Peña

Jannett Peña Plus Member

Visual Artist, Art Educator Houston, TX

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“Alas de Sabanas”
Frida’s bathtub
The Eggo as Well
Tomi Nurmi

Tomi Nurmi Plus Member

Front-end / designer Oslo, Norway

Larry & Jim
Ashley Aliko

Ashley Aliko Plus Member

Graphic Designer, Illustration Hemet, Ca

Luna The Landshark
People in my neighborhood
Suzanne Gibbs

Suzanne Gibbs Plus Member

Artist and Author Oregon

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Explore Yes
Perfect life
Brian Fencl

Brian Fencl Plus Member

Artist, Educator and father Wheeling, WV

Susan Schanerman

Susan Schanerman Plus Member

heARTist, Creative Catalyst, Creator of Original, Uniquely-Designed Products Palm Beach County, FL.

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Oodles Of Doodles
Complex Perception
Wonder World

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Imaginary Friend Drawing Challenge

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