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Have any of you completely switched from traditional sketchbooks to digital (ie - ipad pros, etc)? If so, why?

By Ry Pepper


  • Daniel Inzunza artist
    Daniel Inzunza (@JODA9395)
    05/02/2018 @ 1:30am

    No. I will forever rely on traditional materials. But when I am out of resources, I do use digital so I do not lose the knack for it.

  • Zuzanna Turek artist
    Zuzanna Turek (@Zuzuu)
    05/02/2018 @ 12:07pm

    Everything is just a tool. You can use whatever you like and find your favorites, but ultimately, it doesn't really matter what you draw with.

  • kartika paramita artist
    kartika paramita (@paramitk)
    05/03/2018 @ 3:28am

    yess! i'm not switch permanently i just kinda used both traditional and digital. i use digital when i in mobile-mode (meeting, on the road trapped in traffic, etc) i use autodesk sketchbook in Surface pro

  • Mighty Lark artist
    Mighty Lark (@MightyLark)
    05/03/2018 @ 10:17am

    Several folks who I went to grad school with did a number of their sketches, daily drawings, and journaling on ipads. I was always impressed with their ability to do so. To me, there is never anything better than the feel of paper and pen in your hand. I enjoy having different books on my person to match whatever mood strikes me, but I see people using digital means and it looks like it is great for some.

  • Deepak Rautela artist
    Deepak Rautela (@deepakrautela)
    05/03/2018 @ 2:24pm

    No, not till now. I still prefer the traditional way of making art. I am intrigued by digital art but not able to do it because I do not own any touch device for digital art. I sometimes use digital software for logos, posters, banners etc.

  • Sohini artist
    Sohini (@bookboozer)
    05/04/2018 @ 3:19am

    I've never tried using any digital devices for art although they do fascinate me. I've always been the paper person anyways.. I'd love to give a try to digital art. Can anyone suggest any application or such which would be good for beginners?

  • Amit Ida artist
    Amit Ida (@Obsidian)
    05/05/2018 @ 4:33pm

    I tried to create digitally but I was never able to really get use to it. I'm not sure why, but everything is just to wierd to me and I just want to come back to a pencil or a brush. It never happenned to me when I tried new traditional materials. I still want to learn though and would love to get some advice if you have any...

  • Mandy artist
    Mandy (@McManduke)
    05/07/2018 @ 7:53am

    I haven't but I'm saving up for a digital option. I have a feeling I would end up sketching more on digital because it would greatly simplify my process. Currently, I need access to a scanner so I can start the digital process and that can be a PIA.

  • Chris Lambert artist
    Chris Lambert (@DoodleCrease)
    05/10/2018 @ 9:59pm

    NEVER! Traditional through and through. With a pen you can doodle on anything. Digital is just one surface.

  • Hugo Seijas artist
    Hugo Seijas (@hugo) Plus Member
    05/11/2018 @ 4:24am

    @RyPepper I think that paper is still the ideal way to go, but digital is getting closer and closer. What I find best about paper over digital is that there are no distractions when using paper.

  • Hugo Seijas artist
    Hugo Seijas (@hugo) Plus Member
    05/11/2018 @ 4:25am

    @MightyLark have you tried using digital yet?

  • Stubby Toes artist
    Stubby Toes (@godwheel) Plus Member
    05/11/2018 @ 9:29am

    @RyPepper I'm curious as to what you think? Have you made the jump to digital yet? If so, what do you use?

  • Stubby Toes artist
    Stubby Toes (@godwheel) Plus Member
    05/11/2018 @ 9:29am

    @McManduke That is very true actually. It does make that process really simple.

  • Lauren Konopacki artist
    Lauren Konopacki (@lettermore) Plus Member
    05/11/2018 @ 11:39am

    I have tried to get into digital drawing, and I do enjoy it but I always find myself reverting back to traditional pen (or marker or watercolor or crayon or colored pencil) and paper. There's nothing like it! Maybe I just need a lot more practice, because I'm so impressed by the effects created by other artists who are more experienced digitally

  • Lauren Konopacki artist
    Lauren Konopacki (@lettermore) Plus Member
    05/11/2018 @ 11:46am

    @bookboozer I use AutoDesk Sketchbook app on my HP Spectre x360! I know a lot of people on with iPads use ProCreate.

  • Sohini artist
    Sohini (@bookboozer)
    05/11/2018 @ 3:17pm

    @laurendoodlecode Thanks! Hopefully I can try them one of these days!

  • Darlene K Campbell artist
    Darlene K Campbell (@Darlene)
    05/15/2018 @ 10:34am

    No, I must use traditional materials. Hand to paper is my joy in creating.

  • Darren Hester artist
    Darren Hester (@DarrenHester)
    05/22/2018 @ 6:34pm

    I purchased an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil two years ago and couldn’t be happier. I primarily use an app called Procreate which does a great job of simulating traditional mediums. There is a little bit of a learning curve. I added a matte screen protector which gives the surface a little more “tooth” so it feels more like paper. But, like most of you have said, I still love the feel on pen and paper. And in our hyper connected world it’s nice to unplug and just sit somewhere quiet with your sketchbook. I plan to keep using both analog and digital format. Both have pros and cons.

  • OKAT artist
    OKAT (@okat) Plus Member
    05/23/2018 @ 2:56pm

    @DarrenHester Darren... analog is always my go-to and I am certain it almost always will be... but for experimentation and quick draws I've also got a similiar set-up as you described (an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil using Procreate). My biggest gripe with digital is drawing on a glass surface (the "pencil" slides too easily, there's simply no friction at all so it's hard to keep a line straight). I never thought of a matte protector to help with that. Does it make a significant difference? If so, can you point me in the direction of the one you are using... much appreciated.

  • OKAT artist
    OKAT (@okat) Plus Member
    05/25/2018 @ 8:56am

    @DarrenHester Read above... Would love your thoughts on my previous comment.

  • Mike Litecky artist
    Mike Litecky (@Twitchyscribs)
    10/05/2018 @ 3:24pm

    Guilty. More out of necessity though. Drawing has been more of a hobby, and with a full-time job and a young family, it doesn't leave much time for my art. So I draw at night in bed. I could use a sketchbook, and pencil then attach a little light to my sketchbook. But it gets a little cumbersome if I have any reference material or I bump my light, etc. I love the ipad pro because of how close the pencil is to a real one. The ipad is self-lit. There is no mess or setup. I can pick it up and put it down as I wish. The drawing software that exists is cheap. I have Procreate, Afinity designer and photo, the adobe products, concept and a few others. The best is Procreate. I was never an art purist so I don't stress about something actually being created with charcoal or paint. I can just simulate it.

  • Junkyard Sam artist
    Junkyard Sam (@JunkyardSam) Plus Member
    12/18/2018 @ 1:54pm

    @okat I'm trying to switch permanently to analog (because it feels more lively to me) but I draw and paint on an Intuos Pro Large tablet at work. The reason I mention this is -- you know those green rubber cutting mats? I keep one on top of the tablet because it gives some resistance and eliminates the 'drawing on glass' feeling. Of course -- that means I'm not drawing on a screen so that takes some getting used to...

  • Junkyard Sam artist
    Junkyard Sam (@JunkyardSam) Plus Member
    12/18/2018 @ 1:59pm

    Digital has some clear advantages over analog -- particularly for doing illustration work. (Clients ask for changes, etc.) It's also nice to be able to FLIP a drawing horizontally and work on it that way. I do feel like analog art has more humanity and "life" than most digital, though... and there's something magical about an original work on canvas or paper. Can't get that with digital. I also like the "best of both worlds" approach where I use digital for composition and sketch and then transfer that sketch (lightly) onto paper for inking and then watercolor. I'd prefer to cut the computer completely out of my process but sometimes that isn't possible. I do like the idea of an iPad pro for exploratory early sketches & compositional layouts. Not final work though, for me personally.

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