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What role does art play in your life, and how has it impacted your personal growth?



  • Artistica Witch artist
    Artistica Witch (@ArtisticaWitch)
    06/24/2023 @ 8:56pm

    Art is my therapy, my way to de-stress, plus I get to work from home doing it. I can be there whenever my kids need me, my hours are flexible. Art is just a part of me, I wouldn't be me without it

  • Olivia Mills artist
    Olivia Mills (@Sola)
    07/22/2023 @ 9:54pm

    I have a very active imagination, so art helps me express what I see in my mind’s eye. Without expressing my imagination through drawing and writing, my imagination will start to feel “crowded” as I try to keep everything in my head, and this blocks the flow of new ideas and causes me to forget good old ideas. Art is how I document this imaginary “other world” in my daydreaming that’s filled with fictional characters, creatures, places and stories.

  • Kendra Grubb artist
    Kendra Grubb (@IceHawk79) Plus Member
    08/08/2023 @ 2:39am

    Art helps me tell a story, without writing a word.

  • Emery Nelson artist
    Emery Nelson (@Emerythealien)
    08/17/2023 @ 5:51pm

    I first got into art during a rly hard time in my life. Since then, it has helped me clear my head and be creative

  • Matthew Dixon artist
    Matthew Dixon (@chewyskittles)
    09/01/2023 @ 8:22pm

    Practicing art has helped accept failure in all parts of life.

  • Korin artist
    Korin (@Korinnicole)
    09/19/2023 @ 5:17pm

    Practicing art helps me to learn self-compassion, flexibility, and problem solving in a way that expands into my every day life. If I mess up on problem, it's just a "happy little mistake". No need to beat myself up, just Keep working on it or erase it and try again. The end result of an art session is always a delightful moment for me because I'm learning, growing, expressing, and manifesting my ideas all in a pretty short amount of time.

  • Ceanna artist
    Ceanna (@Cwalk)
    10/03/2023 @ 2:52pm

    Art helps me express my emotions, and When I'm bored I can work on a dance, draw, paint or do whatever I'm In the mood for!

  • Bleu Hope artist
    Bleu Hope (@bleuhope) Plus Member
    10/12/2023 @ 6:38am

    Where do I start? *laughs* Art (whether it's through my drawings or my photography) gives me the space to express myself and helps me decompress, relax and feel at peace in the world no matter how chaotic it is. That's the straight(ish) answer pretty much. It's also very much part of my weekly routine. Mondays and Tuesdays, for one, would be utterly unbearable for me if I wasn't either drawing or out with my camera for a walk taking photos when I don't have other priorities. I've been going to an art club at one of my local libraries since May and it's been brilliant for me. It's only an hour or so each Tuesday evening, but even just that brief amount of time is all I need to get my feelings out and jotted down into my sketchbook. Not only that, but I've made some good like-minded friends through this group too who I can learn from and get to know, and that's all kinds of good... no denying that!

  • John C artist
    John C (@salientian)
    10/22/2023 @ 10:11pm

    Art is an aspiration for me. I deeply believe that it's an inherently human pursuit to create things and to enhance life. I'm just starting out, just stretching my legs. That's the essence of life: starting something over and over again. Beautiful things emerge. I want that.

  • Marc Dixon artist
    Marc Dixon (@LifeLinesArt100)
    10/28/2023 @ 2:12pm

    Wether it's drawing or playing my bass guitar, creating art gets me out of my mind. Spending too much time in thought and over-thinking things, is undesirable for a healthy brain. Finally science is putting data behind that important point. Art for the wellbeing of our minds is gaining wider understanding and appeal.

  • jonelis cruz artist
    jonelis cruz (@URFAVDAYA)
    11/25/2023 @ 11:33am

    art is a fun way to learn things, but I do art to get away from my bad problems. It plays a deep role in my life

  • Cari Reder artist
    Cari Reder (@CLynn)
    12/08/2023 @ 2:59pm

    It always amazes me when a small dot or line on a paper can eventually add up to an image I can recognize. I don't have to be perfect, I can start over, and using pencils/pens they are ready for me when I am ready.

  • gabbie artist
    gabbie (@gabbie)
    01/24/2024 @ 10:50am

    its like therapy for me and it just makes me fill happy

  • Cameron artist
    Cameron (@SilentGenius)
    03/20/2024 @ 6:57pm

    Art for me has been a self-reflection tool. I find myself recreating things that intrigued me as a child. It evolved into me realizing I should keep that inner child flame alive. We rush to grow up only as an adult to wish we could relive those moments as child.

  • Elicia Ruebens artist
    Elicia Ruebens (@ArtjourneyElli)
    03/23/2024 @ 11:09am

    Breaking thoughts into pieces of paper.

  • J i l l artist
    J i l l (@artisticme)
    05/03/2024 @ 9:37am

    Art is my life ,my life is art.

  • Judy artist
    Judy (@Rock)
    06/01/2024 @ 5:15pm

    Art has really helped my mental health. It helps me cope with what's going on.

  • softtik artist
    softtik (@softtik)
    06/05/2024 @ 2:57pm

    Art holds a significant place in my life, serving as a mirror reflecting emotions, experiences, and perspectives. It's a catalyst for introspection, allowing me to explore and understand the intricacies of human existence. Through art, I've learned empathy, resilience, and the importance of embracing creativity. It has shaped my personal growth by providing avenues for self-expression, fostering connections with others, and inspiring continuous learning and evolution. Whether through visual arts, literature, music, or any other form, art has been a guiding force, enriching my journey and expanding my horizons. For NFT development serveries Visit

  • Grant Undergrove artist
    Grant Undergrove (@TheHoodedDingo)
    06/06/2024 @ 3:05pm

    Art... where do I even start? I loved art when finger-painting at the age of 2 and a half, to my first box of 24 crayon at 5, to my first sketch book when I was at 7. Art for me is a way to breathe, and escape the world that keeps getting darker and will bring you down, and to just have fun!!! My advice to young and budding artists (like myself) take critics, but not hate-mail. Accepting HATE will only decrease your current skill, trust me I know. -Grant

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