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What role does art play in your life, and how has it impacted your personal growth?



  • Artistica Witch artist
    Artistica Witch (@ArtisticaWitch)
    06/24/2023 @ 8:56pm

    Art is my therapy, my way to de-stress, plus I get to work from home doing it. I can be there whenever my kids need me, my hours are flexible. Art is just a part of me, I wouldn't be me without it

  • Olivia Mills artist
    Olivia Mills (@Sola)
    07/22/2023 @ 9:54pm

    I have a very active imagination, so art helps me express what I see in my mind’s eye. Without expressing my imagination through drawing and writing, my imagination will start to feel “crowded” as I try to keep everything in my head, and this blocks the flow of new ideas and causes me to forget good old ideas. Art is how I document this imaginary “other world” in my daydreaming that’s filled with fictional characters, creatures, places and stories.

  • Kendra Grubb artist
    Kendra Grubb (@IceHawk79) Plus Member
    08/08/2023 @ 2:39am

    Art helps me tell a story, without writing a word.

  • Emery Nelson artist
    Emery Nelson (@Emerythealien)
    08/17/2023 @ 5:51pm

    I first got into art during a rly hard time in my life. Since then, it has helped me clear my head and be creative

  • Matthew Dixon artist
    Matthew Dixon (@chewyskittles)
    09/01/2023 @ 8:22pm

    Practicing art has helped accept failure in all parts of life.

  • Korin artist
    Korin (@Korinnicole)
    09/19/2023 @ 5:17pm

    Practicing art helps me to learn self-compassion, flexibility, and problem solving in a way that expands into my every day life. If I mess up on problem, it's just a "happy little mistake". No need to beat myself up, just Keep working on it or erase it and try again. The end result of an art session is always a delightful moment for me because I'm learning, growing, expressing, and manifesting my ideas all in a pretty short amount of time.

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