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I would love to hear from the DA community regarding their thoughts on the rising trend of NFT Art. Is this something that you'd be interested in having in some capacity as part of the platform? Or is it too new and abstract of a concept still?



  • Stan Ragets artist
    Stan Ragets (@who8mypnuts)
    02/06/2022 @ 10:48pm

    I've sold numerous NFTs since 2018. It's something that I would be interested in considering for the platform (although I'm entirely new here!) from both a buyer's and seller's perspective. It would be necessary to utilize something fairly easy for most users (think ETH) but not as expensive to mint (Polygon / Fantom).

  • Caroline Renee artist
    Caroline Renee (@CarolineRenee) Plus Member
    02/08/2022 @ 2:20pm

    I’d be interested in that. I am a little confused about how the software of backing up the token works. . But I’d like it!

  • Suzette artist
    Suzette (@Rayedrgn) Plus Member
    02/10/2022 @ 3:38am

    There is a lot of controversy surrounding NFT's and wither or not they should be considered a scam. I vote no on adding a platform to Doodle Addicts. However, I do think creating a platform where artists could trade Artist trading cards with each other would be really cool.

  • Kitty artist
    Kitty (@TheKittyLovers)
    02/23/2022 @ 2:24pm

    I don't really understand NFT's. There has been a lot of discussion on it but I think if people want to do it then it should be allowed on Doodle Addicts.

  • WaterproofFade-Proof artist
    WaterproofFade-Proof (@FlawedMenagerie)
    02/24/2022 @ 8:34pm

    I think its too early to do anything with NFTs. While I'm sure there have been some instances where artists can benefit from them they have to be set up in a specific way to ensure continued benefits to the artist in future sales. In addition to that many platforms that mint NFTs are absolutely rife with art theft and low effort randomly generated doll art. The technology is currently prohibitively taxing on the environment and cryptocurrency is such a speculative market it's something prone to scam-like behaviour that treats art less like art and more like symbols of status or rare collectable cards that have a risk of becoming worthless. I'm more likely to purchase a commission or art print, or art book of digital art than an NFT and I don't see that likely to change any time soon.

  • David Wilson artist
    David Wilson (@David50Wilson)
    03/15/2022 @ 3:54am

    I don't clearly understand this NFT stuff, but so far, it seems much too artificial and complex and removed from our original world that includes dna.

  • jess a.m. artist
    jess a.m. (@my2k)
    03/17/2022 @ 8:22pm

    I did a lot of research into the topic and it's an unavoidable reality that NFTs are unfortunately a pyramid scheme, the usage of crypto currency is suspicious and unreliable at best, but NFTs themselves are sold to us artists as a fun "trading card" like exchange of buying art but that isn't true. It's frustrating seeing artists lied to, so they pay money to buy into the scheme, not unlike buying a bunch of tupperware or drink mixes or makeup or something, thinking they'll be easily sold... only for them to be worthless and their money gone. Sure, the person who just sold them the tupperware might've gotten some money but what about everyone else? That's how a scam works. Every day, more and more scams using NFTs as a lure steal money from not just artists but those who purchase them, and I can't ignore the very apparent and obvious associations the entire biz of NFTs seem to have with some very shady political/ideological groups. That in itself is frightening. Dan Olson, a journalist, put a very long but very in-depth explanation of what NFTs are and how they're dangerous to get involved with, and I challenge anyone to make it through that documentary without coming away with a very bad taste in your mouth regarding it. to sum it up... I'd say to stay far away from them. They're no good, and as of now, it's only looking more and more grim.

  • Joer_B artist
    Joer_B (@JoerB) Plus Member
    04/08/2022 @ 5:04pm

    Tough question. I’ve gotten as far as opening accounts at several NFT marketplaces, but the more research I do into NFTs and cryptocurrency in general, the more it gives me pause. There is also the environmental impact of crypto mining to consider. At the end of the day, you should buy art (like NFTs) because you like it, not because it may or may not be a good future investment. And remember - you are basically buying a JPEG that anyone can download off the internet. I don’t necessarily find it that important that the transaction is recorded on the blockchain certifying my ownership of a bunch of 1s and 0s. For me personally, I would rather buy something tangible that I like and can hang on my wall and appreciate.

  • Suzette artist
    Suzette (@Rayedrgn) Plus Member
    04/28/2022 @ 9:13pm

    I REALLY want something where we can some how trade art cards with each other or send a sketchbook around among other artists that you have met to be signed and returned. I think that would be fun.

  • Paul Mennea artist
    Paul Mennea (@BiroNiro)
    05/10/2022 @ 1:55am

    I am Not interested to a NFT section here, I agree with other members who wrote "I REALLY want something where we can some how trade art cards with each other or send a sketchbook around among other artists that you have met to be signed and returned. I think that would be fun. "

  • Ettienne Short artist
    Ettienne Short (@TwoSocks)
    05/14/2022 @ 2:35pm

    I'd say no. A strong no. The scamming that goes on in that world is insane.

  • Evan Winston artist
    Evan Winston (@Irrelevantevan)
    05/20/2022 @ 1:02pm

    Absolutely not.

  • Jan MB artist
    Jan MB (@JanB)
    05/24/2022 @ 2:05pm

    No. The condensed version of my response: NFTs are “much ado about nothing”.

  • Kurtis D Edwards artist
    Kurtis D Edwards (@artbykurtedwards) Plus Member
    07/05/2022 @ 11:54am

    New to DA. I say no, and also channel @Rayedrgn. I hope to find/build community.

  • Can’t delete my account so here artist
    Can’t delete my account so here (@Fjdjdnfbejemd)
    07/06/2022 @ 4:00pm

    Well I like to have an open mind when thinking about art but I’m sorry, NFT art just isn’t it… I would love to get some different art styles in the platform though.

  • Kiri... artist
    Kiri... (@Kirimatronic)
    07/19/2022 @ 7:39pm

    Well, I had to do some research to understand what an NFT is, I had heard of them before but had no idea they had become such a big thing. For those who don't understand an NFT stands for Non-fungible token unlike bitcoin where you trade one bitcoin for another and end up with the same thing, Non-fungible means that if you trade one you'll end up with something entirely different. NFT's can be any kind of digital art such as music, drawing ect. however the excitement about NFT's is because of the tech used to sell the art. If you still don't understand here's a link to the website I learned from: Now... about the question I do think NFT's are just a short-term craze like the fidget spinner (gosh remember how that dropped) and I don't really think buying such expensive things are worth it. However congratulations to those who have sold their own NFT's, you've found an easier way to make money. But while it lasts I do think showcasing NFT's on doodle addicts would be pretty cool, not to sell them here but just to advertise or simply continue to share each others passion for art. I hope this reply was of use, have a good day! And keep creating!!! :) :) :)

  • Elaine Syth artist
    Elaine Syth (@artistelaine)
    08/13/2022 @ 1:01pm

    I have no interest in NFTs whatsoever-I lean toward "it's a scam". Even if it's not, that's still a "no" for me!

  • Bleu Hope artist
    Bleu Hope (@bleuhope) Plus Member
    08/30/2022 @ 1:47pm

    Interesting concept from what little I know of it, but a few faults/glitches/etc I find laughable about them all at once... if that makes sense? But also, if I have to be honest, I'm not so sure.

  • Cairo artist
    Cairo (@Raiser)
    09/09/2022 @ 9:23am

    NFTs are MASSIVELY bad for the environment and globe, seeing as the entire cryptocurrency structure uses more power than Argentina and is only getting worse every day. If NFTs were to begin using a more sustainable form of energy (which they completely could they just don't) I probably wouldn't consider it even then. Not to mention that the entire concept has been screwing over artists for months, and many have been completely scammed out of their money. It also has begun a destruction between creators and artists and what makes art, as a lot of NFTs are completely computer generated.

  • Gabriella Buckingham artist
    Gabriella Buckingham (@GabriellaBuckingham)
    12/21/2022 @ 6:31am

    I have only just joined this minute (not posted) but the environmental damage/scam aspect of NFTs - well, I think it would be very off-putting to real artists thinking about joining this site if those were promoted.

  • PHILIP GRAY artist
    PHILIP GRAY (@Blurhead)
    12/22/2022 @ 12:48am

    I looked into the possibility of NFT's and decided that it was not for me, the whole thing seemed somewhat convoluted - whereby you had to set up a crypto wallet, pay loads of fees, and obviously no guarantee of a sale. The type of artwork that seems to sell well on there isn't really pencil drawings its mostly ugly digital art. In fact I was alerted by Deviantart that someone else was in fact trying to sell 4 of my drawings (not posted on here) as NFT's, I managed to get them taken down from sale, that person was also trying to sell hundreds of other artworks by other artists as well.

  • PHILIP GRAY artist
    PHILIP GRAY (@Blurhead)
    12/22/2022 @ 12:51am

    Just further to my previous comment, apart from the worry about someone stealing your artwork in order to offer it as an NFT, the other thing that is really concerning lately is the prevalence of "ai art" especially on Deviantart, I really hope it does not take hold on here, as I have been recommending this site to other artists (that make traditional art) and are dissatisfied with the direction Deviantart is taking concerning ai art.

  • Feronia artist
    Feronia (@Feronia)
    01/04/2023 @ 7:22am

    @my2k Thank you for your hint about Dan Olson's work on NFT. I already had some suspicions about NFTs, but never took the time to go deeper. Needless to say I don't like the idea of promoting them here, in any way.

  • Iordan Daniela artist
    Iordan Daniela (@Stargate1302)
    02/15/2023 @ 12:54pm

    Thanks Okat for raising this question about NFT. For the begging I was not agree with this kind of trade, and I had some suspicious…. The worse thing that could happen at the end is that will reduce the artist’s work to a JPEG … maybe I am as an old fashion… I do not know, but for me the art means to have that peace of painting on my wall on original format that artist done it … I am glad that I could read other artist’s opinion.

  • Kimmo Oja artist
    Kimmo Oja (@Kimoja) Plus Member
    03/15/2023 @ 5:37am

    @my2k I agree with Jess! I feel it is more like scam than anything else. I dont want to be part of that and i hope DA dont support it. Crypto is itself so weird consept and hard to understand

  • Ashley Kelly artist
    Ashley Kelly (@AshleyKellyArt)
    04/19/2023 @ 8:44pm

    I am definitely interested, but I don't know where to start with NFTs.

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