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Does anyone out there jump from medium to medium like a Mexican jumping bean on a warm day? Like from collage to oil pastels to permanent markers... If so, is there a common thread that weaves through all the shifts?

By Sandra chavez


  • Maia Palomar artist
    Maia Palomar (@mapalomar) Plus Member
    08/22/2020 @ 5:00pm

    Hey there! I can't say that I do. I've always mainly stuck with pencil, pen, acrylic. I use gouache and I do the occasional collage, but I don't tend to jump between mediums. I'll occasionally pull out inks or possibly try a new medium, but it's not unless we start using it in school or if I need it for something specific. (I will say that I never use pastels because they scare me a bit.) I suppose I'm a creature of habit, but I love the few mediums I use.

  • Kelly Ann Scheffer artist
    Kelly Ann Scheffer (@KellyAnn)
    08/23/2020 @ 10:08am

    I used to! When I was a teenager, I tried nearly every medium I could get my hands on. Even sculpting, which I suck at to this day. I settled with pencils and pens. Sometimes colored pencils. Please ignore the 132 piece Prismacolor pencil set I spent way too much money on that now collects dust in the corner of my room. I'll use it some day.

  • Zazouka artist
    Zazouka (@Zazouka) Plus Member
    08/25/2020 @ 3:15am

    Some people who are supposed to be wise in these things have criticized me for spreading out over too many different techniques - à la jack of all trades, master of none - but I can't resist trying new mediums, since each one offers a new look and interesting possibilities. To date I've used pencil , charcoal, ink, acrylics, watercolor, wool felting, collage, oil, murals, linocut, woodcut, stencil... I'd say art is all about freedom, so why pigeonhole yourself?

  • Felicity artist
    Felicity (@NoFilterFliss)
    08/25/2020 @ 10:43am

    I'm a trained sculptor but honestly, it's so hard to motivate yourself sometimes to get all your kit out and sculpt. I love it and I have so many ideas but often ideas for sculpts end up being drawings or paintings with the intention of making them into a beautiful sculpture one day but never doing so.

  • Zom Osborne artist
    Zom Osborne (@zom18)
    08/28/2020 @ 5:36pm

    I started with coloured pencils, pastels, then went to watercolour, then oils for 20 years, then switched to acrylics ( that was tricky after oils). Now I am fascinated with ink and pen, specifically fountain pen. It may sound like a mexican jumping bean, but that is over 35 years! I love knowing how to use different mediums, and I still love to experiment. When I am working on a series it is all in the single medium, but if I get antsy there is always my art journal waiting for any exploration outside the series that I want to do. It doesn't take chalk or oil pastels well but I have done plenty of collage, paint and drawing in there. What is the common thread? My subject matter and style. I have always been attempting to bring though other realities and realms. And I have always wanted to do it using forms of realism.

  • Georgia artist
    Georgia (@Pyro)
    09/02/2020 @ 2:30am

    I feel I jumped around a lot around a year ago when I first started getting into my creative mindset again. I constantly interchanged between water-colours, acrylics, or simple pen/pencil sketches. However, I found myself drawn to the creativity that naturally arose when using acrylic paints. From there on, I decided to experiment with utensils rather than painting media! Do others prefer to be consistent with medium, or tools/utensils?!

  • Georgia artist
    Georgia (@Pyro)
    09/02/2020 @ 2:57am

    @Zazouka your statement "why pigeonhole yourself" has really stuck with me since reading it roughly an hour ago. I admire the ideology of embracing creativity through experimentation (and agree), however, do you find that this pattern leaves you with a loss of artistic identity? For example, feeling as though you don't know what your style is? I ask because you've listed a very impressive range of medium with with you've experimented, and I am curious to hear your view! :)

  • Zazouka artist
    Zazouka (@Zazouka) Plus Member
    09/03/2020 @ 3:25am

    @Pyro Hi Georgia, You'd think that, like you say, finding your style would be hampered by spreading yourself too thin across too many media, but nevertheless I think, that at least for me, my pictures are all more or less recognizable as coming from me - if someone looks at a selection of my artwork. In my case, I usually choose a certain kind of subject or theme, and I put alot of emphasis on line and form rather than color, which hopefully can be recognized as my style. Still, I admire artists who do one thing and do it incredibly well - don't they just take your breath away?!

  • Georgia artist
    Georgia (@Pyro)
    09/03/2020 @ 7:36am

    @Zazouka That is a very good point you make. I can see how naturally an artist's unique style prevails above all else when producing artwork. In fact, I did have a look at your posts and agree that your style is more shape focused and is embraced in each creation. May I ask, have your creations been published somewhere I may recognise? I found them very familiar, unless it's just the fact that you exhibit the older animation style so well that I could mistake it for a professional artists work in old cinema (like Disney), or is it just that you've taken inspiration from Disney, or something similar?

  • Zazouka artist
    Zazouka (@Zazouka) Plus Member
    09/04/2020 @ 4:21am

    @Pyro Holy cow - I'm really flattered that you compare my stuff to old Disney animation - that would have been my dream job! Imagine working on the animation for Bambi, Pinocchio or Fantasia....I just can't get excited about the "new-look" computerized Disney movies.

  • SN Hridoy artist
    SN Hridoy (@snhridoy)
    10/20/2020 @ 4:27am

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