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How important is it to have a "style?" What if you have several ways of drawing and several mediums which you like to use? Would showing several styles present a detriment to your career/commercial viability as a visual artist?

By Joer_B


  • Jeffrey L Peltier artist
    Jeffrey L Peltier (@Ffej)
    09/02/2020 @ 4:44pm

    It is easy to fall in to a rut remember the first time you were amazed that’s it :be amazing

  • Georgia artist
    Georgia (@Pyro)
    09/02/2020 @ 7:51pm

    I often have the same contemplation. In fact, last night I tried painting buildings - away from my norm of painting bodies. This was kind of overwhelming because I realised I have a long way to go before I produce this style of artwork that I am really proud of. But I try to remember that it took me a while before I was really proud of the abstract portraits i was painting (and still paint regularly). I think from this perspective, it's okay to go through phases of becoming great at one style before moving to something new. But from the business perspective, I think it's true that followers follow for a specific reason; being your unique style. So, deviating away from that could be detrimental in some way... but it's also true that a style change will gain some new followers. However, I do not create and sell, so I am interested to hear from someone who does treat their artwork as their business as they probably have a better insight into the patterns of commercial viability!!!

  • Zazouka artist
    Zazouka (@Zazouka) Plus Member
    09/03/2020 @ 3:28am

    Top tip for anyone wanting to stick to one medium: Don't spend too much time in an art supply shop - all those goodies! :-)

  • Joer_B artist
    Joer_B (@JoerB) Plus Member
    09/04/2020 @ 10:35am

    @Pyro Thank you for your insight! I agree with you that experimentation is the key to staying fresh as an artist. The more that you experience, the more that experience seeps into your work. I also agree that it takes a lot of time, effort and commitment to master a medium. I have gone through several phases that have resulted in becoming good at a particular way of working or becoming adept with a particular medium. This is the primary reason why I jump from one style to another, from analog to digital. I just don’t know if this style jumping will confuse potential clients in the future. The only consolation I can take is that a strong theme runs through most everything that I do - the love of figure drawing. That and the highly technical way that I draw.

  • Joer_B artist
    Joer_B (@JoerB) Plus Member
    09/04/2020 @ 10:37am

    @Zazouka So true! Sometimes I wonder how I managed to get myself through art school with no money to buy art supplies.

  • Daniel Gräfen artist
    Daniel Gräfen (@Neuromancer)
    09/16/2020 @ 5:58pm

    I don't know how important it is to have a "style". I see the definition of style as something how others label me. I try to focus on the things I love. Thinking about a style is for me like restricting myself to "how I think others see me" or "how I think others want to see me". I like restrictions, but I don't like that someone restricts me. If I love to restrict myself to five colors I will do that. I don't like the idea to stick to this restriction because I fear someone will not like me anymore if I use only three colors or choose to work with 12 colors. I hope my "style" is something which is defined Post Mortem. Defined by the actions I did and by the output I produced and I'm sure it will be unique what ever I tried out and what ever medium was used. Maybe there are then style episodes, like the 5 color phase, followed by a 3 color phase. I can say this easily, because I'm not depending commercially on opinion of the audience. For me it's valid if someone spend thoughts on perfect style to grow the fans and clients. My way of thinking is, before I think of preserving my style, I think of how can I find people who love the things I do and make a business with these people. Probably these group of people will change over time and it needs effort and luck to find them, but as preserving "style" is also no guarantee it's well spent effort. I would risk it... “change is the only constant in life”

  • Joer_B artist
    Joer_B (@JoerB) Plus Member
    09/18/2020 @ 7:09pm

    @Neuromancer Thanks for your insights! You are right in that I should just focus on the love of drawing. As it stands, I allow outside influences to shape what I do and chase what I think will garner a bigger audience. At this point in time, I enjoy doing ballpoint pen drawings. Tomorrow may be different. I guess the one constant in my work (no matter the style) is the love of figure drawing. Thank you.

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