Claybord Illustration Experimentation

Wow, I just discovered Claybord, what an amazing substrate to create on! Here are a few images I have been experimenting with.


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    thisIZmyMIND (@thisIZmyMIND)
    06/13/2020 @ 7:45am

    interesting stuff

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    Joer_B (@JoerB) Plus Member
    09/03/2020 @ 12:52pm

    Wow...those are some stunning experiments. Keep up the excellent work.

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    David Corkery (@DC2021) Plus Member
    03/22/2021 @ 4:56am

    How did you get to the point where you have created such great pieces? I read your bio, I like to hear about other peoples success in life.My art is not great at the moment, and the need to pulll myself out of poverty is destroying my art. I believe that I have to ''pull myself up by the bootstrapes'' so to speak, as the old american saying goes.Thank you for considering my question.

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