Artist Spotlight

Dive Into Doodling with Hayley Patterson

Although often peculiar in nature, Hayley’s pieces provoke feelings ranging from pure curiosity to humor, and it’s incredibly easy to get lost within the various shapes and faces that make up her work.

Venture Into the Cosmos with Ania Pawlik

Ania’s work is a beautiful introduction, for any viewer, to a magical mix of coffee as an art medium and the universe as a theme.

Mastering All Things Pattern Illustration with Debbie Clapper aka gneural

Easily recognized for her pattern study work, we’ve come to regard Debbie as the pattern design queen of Doodle Addicts.

The Feel-Good Artwork of Jason Heglund

Step into the wonderful, smile-inducing world of Jason Heglund's artwork.

The Incredible Imagination of Nora Thompson

Nora Thompson creates, and brings to life through various mediums, a wide range of characters known better as The Rots.

The Mastery of Crosshatch Portraits with Apricot Jams

Learn more about the inspiration behind the highly recognizable portraits of Apricot Jams.

Immerse Yourself Into a World Full of Friendly Critters and Brilliant Flora with Kasia Gala

Through her fascination with the flora in the world around us and the critters that populate it, Gala invites her fans into a world of wonder that speaks to people of all ages.

Quirky Colorful Characters with Charlie Haggard

Known for his rich, colorful, quirky yet relatable character designs, Haggard’s work never fails to delight and amuse his fans.

Snack On This: A Colorful Interview With Volta Voloshin-Smith

Dive deeper into the career, process, and personality of this watercolor artist on a mission!

The Freeform Practice of Doodling With Dalton Stark

Life is a lot like a pen to paper doodle with no erasers, you just gotta follow your intuition, make some mistakes, have fun, and maybe even make some friends and have a laugh along the way.

The Art of Adorable Character Design Featuring Winny Sumbada

Continue reading for a deeper look at the artist behind these colorful character designs (SPOILER ALERT: There is nothing she can't make cute)

Exploring The Colors And Patterns of Nature: An Interview with Stacey Walker

Stacey Walker is a mother of two in Teton Valley, Idaho that employs seasonal themes, vibrant flowers, colorful explosions into her work.

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