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In your opinion, how should someone go about selling their art? If you are told your art is not something people would buy, do you still try? Are there any specific formats you would use (i.e. greeting cards)?

By B Wolf


  • zamzammee artist
    zamzammee (@zamzammee) Plus Member
    12/09/2020 @ 8:44pm

    I think it will take some time for people to acknowledge your artwork. Just keep posting/sharing your artwork so people can view it. In the meanwhile try to improve your works as in, maybe make it cleaner, more meaningful, more colours, etc. I first started to sell my doodles on customised caps. So it was targeted to cap lovers.

  • Tricia Clark artist
    Tricia Clark (@gouacheink)
    12/10/2020 @ 8:37am

    I started out selling my work to tourists, the town I was living in allowed street vending pretty much anywhere. Back then I couldn't afford prints so just painted on wood and cardboard and sold originals. (I was homeless during that time so whatever I didn't sell I'd leave around town for people to take for free. I'd always walk back to see if anyone had taken the paintings and they were always gone within in an hour. It was pretty fun. I wonder where those works are now.) During that time of vending people would give me feedback on what kind of pieces they'd like to see from me and that taught me alot on what sold, (it also taught me that people can say some pretty nasty things about a person's art). Now I sell on consignment at gift shops, I really love the shops I work with! The shops' sales have taken a big hit with COVID so I've been trying to sell online more. Etsy has been surprisingly good, I sometimes use their ads and people have been finding my work and buying prints. I don't know why, but I was really against starting an Etsy. Not sure if it was the fees or what but I'd recommend it to those starting out. I use Erank to study which keywords work best for SEO. By the way, there's some really weird and funky art out there and there's always a buyer for it, lol. Don't listen to anyone who says you can't sell you art. It's simply not true.

  • Julia Hill artist
    Julia Hill (@JuliahillIllustrator) Plus Member
    01/03/2021 @ 8:24pm

    I am an illustrator and I create images to sell on products. I started out with small items, cards, coasters, mugs etc and now have a large selection of products. I have built up a lot of stock but a lot of my products are made to order. It's hard work constantly promoting, posting etc on social media but if you keep at it, it will pay off. People will buy into YOU and not just your work. I mainly use my FB profile to promote myself and my work, what I'm working on, products and of course me! I am very specific about what I post. I only share posts that are in keeping with my brand. You need to keep posting regularly, allow people to get to know you, what you do and what you stand for. I do not accept friend requests from men unless I know them as it's become like facebook tinder!!! Use social media to its advantage!

  • Emily Harrison artist
    Emily Harrison (@artsylover33)
    02/02/2021 @ 12:08pm

    Well, I do not know how to sell your art but I do know that if someone tells you you cant then prove them wrong show them that you are better than what they say. when you do make it to the top because you will go back to them and tell them you did it SHOW them you did it. If they still put you down then tell them goodbye like literally say " I don't need you in my life if you are going to try to belittle me. that is my advice for that hope this finds you well and to everyone who reads this.

  • Brent Skillicorn artist
    Brent Skillicorn (@kekoaskills)
    03/07/2021 @ 5:03pm

    This is a great question because I am an example of a right brained artist who is clueless about business and marketing etc. On one hand I am humble when I see artwork from other artist but its also true that art really is subjective and some ppl like to buy art to support the artist as they get to know them online. I have also seen really really good art for sale and it does not sell which can be timing or marketing. I do know that if I dont put my art for sale somewhere; it won't sell! So at some point I can try to put up a couple things and see what happens. I'm introverted and shy etc but I know that I have to get out and try to meet ppl etc. When ppl see art in person and meet the artist; I think the chances of them buying something goes way up. I have been told over and over since childhood that making art is not a way to make a living no matter what. I do not agree with this but it has been drilled into me and the Collective. My opinion on art and entertainment is - let the creators put their stuff on the market and see what happens. No one is forcing me to look at art or listen to music etc. Oh I have had friends who have done cool trades - friend A recorded friend B's hip hop project and friend A painted Friend B's bedroom full of art and they were both happy... Then there is the question about buying digital art vs traditional or the whole Outsider Art parallel universe.

  • BAROUKH artist
    BAROUKH (@carlabar)
    07/21/2022 @ 7:27am


  • Sneezy artist
    Sneezy (@sneezywheezy)
    11/01/2022 @ 6:33pm

    if art does not work out lay off for 2 weeks and just quit

  • Cameron artist
    Cameron (@SilentGenius)
    03/20/2024 @ 7:04pm

    Absolutely you still try. I believe the question should be changed to "who is my target audience I would like to sale too"? It may take some time but there are so many ways to get you art out there. Social media, websites, vendor events in your local area just to name a few. Consistency is key. If you have an interest in something you best believe there are others who have an interest as well. Vendor events helped me a lot. It was a way to connect with people and other artist. Thats just one way. Good luck and don't give up.

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