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Has anybody switched from a non-creative career to art/illustration? If so, did you go back to school to get there? Do you think further education is necessary to build a creative community around yourself?

By Victoria Jane Hughes


  • Phil Conner artist
    Phil Conner (@pcartistry)
    02/06/2019 @ 4:15pm

    I am in the process of switching from a non-creative career to a full time art career. I had some formal art training when I was much younger and I have always through out the years continued to work at my art. I would say though that I could see education in marketing, sells, some of the business aspects of the art world would be beneficial. I have not necessarily taken classes but done research on what it takes to make a career with ones art, and how to get yourself known to the right people and organizations. I live in rural Colorado, so not much available with brick and mortar education, but I wish I still lived in a more metropolitan area for just that purpose of taking classes and networking.

  • Mandy artist
    Mandy (@McManduke)
    02/12/2019 @ 10:37am

    You should definitely check out Lisa Congdon's story and books! She did exactly that and at, what some consider, a "later-age", whatever that means. :)~

  • Kimmo Oja artist
    Kimmo Oja (@Kimoja) Plus Member
    02/14/2019 @ 2:07am

    I'm not about to change work to creative arts. I love idea of it but it’s not possible ;) I am just intrested do you mean ”back to school” as art schools or business education?

  • Victoria Jane Hughes artist
    Victoria Jane Hughes (@victoriahughes)
    02/14/2019 @ 5:13am

    @McManduke Thanks Mandy I will definitely get one of her books! Just had a look at her website and she looks very inspiring :)

  • Victoria Jane Hughes artist
    Victoria Jane Hughes (@victoriahughes)
    02/14/2019 @ 5:14am

    @Kimoja That's a shame you think it's not possible - how come? By 'back to school' I'm talking about a BA Degree, for me that'd be Illustration but for others I suppose they might study Fine Art or Design.

  • Kimmo Oja artist
    Kimmo Oja (@Kimoja) Plus Member
    02/16/2019 @ 12:14pm

    In this economic state where i am i cannot change to live with so unstable way. But still it sounds nice :) @victoriahughes

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