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What does art mean to you and should your art be for yourself or for others? In other words, should it define what you are or define what the world is? Or both?

By WieldingColor


  • Caroline Rodriguez artist
    Caroline Rodriguez (@carolinerodriguez)
    09/14/2018 @ 12:07pm

    Art for me means an escape from everyday. It is also a way to express myself. However, I would be lying if I said that art is not for others. Although I love the ritual of creating art, at the end, it feels really good when someone gives you a positive comment. It helps to keep pushing to keep creating.

  • Catharina Farinha artist
    Catharina Farinha (@CatLee)
    09/16/2018 @ 11:34am

    Art keeps my head on my shoulders. Art is a way to focus my energy. If it wasn't for art, I would constantly be in a very dark place within myself. I think art can represent so many things, for me, it often represents my feelings about the world in one way or another.

  • Joseph T. Yawus (jojo) artist
    Joseph T. Yawus (jojo) (@Jojoyawus)
    09/19/2018 @ 4:28am

    When I create art I set that which is in me free by bring it out into the world. I have created art for myself, and for others. So, I will say it is both.

  • Lauren Konopacki artist
    Lauren Konopacki (@lettermore) Plus Member
    09/19/2018 @ 10:44am

    Definitely both. As a graphic designer, while you are still CREATING something, it is in no way for yourself. You're limited by your clients vision and that is not art, it's work. That's why I feel like it's so important to have time to just go crazy outside of work for yourself, and keep those creative ideas flowing. Like an outlet. My favorite way to let loose and express my creativity is through hand-lettering and practicing watercolors. I really enjoy sketchbook journaling too because it really relaxes me!

  • Amit Ida artist
    Amit Ida (@Obsidian)
    09/20/2018 @ 8:52am

    Art kerps me sain. Art is an adiction - the more you draw, the more you wanna draw, the more you need to draw. If I don't draw in a long time it makes me crazy.. I think its kind of both. On one hand you have clients and you need to create things they love and want to buy. On the other hand you draw things you like and want to create (or you would not wanna draw and nothing will comes right and no one will buy it..). So its a little from both and more, i think.

  • Julia Hill artist
    Julia Hill (@JuliahillIllustrator) Plus Member
    09/21/2018 @ 9:18pm

    I work in several very different mediums but there really is one that has started to define me. It has become who I am both to me and to others. I find it so easy, natural and effortless. I like to do other things to experiment but I think it's now what expect from me. I'll give them all a shock one day!!

  • Jaroslaw artist
    Jaroslaw (@Dzedzej)
    09/23/2018 @ 1:51am

    I 'd say it's both . Even if it's for myself in the end it's for others as no one lives and does just for his own sake. And i kind of disagree with differentating Art from comissioned work. Most of Art masterpieces were commisioned work. Self expression as a crucial art criteria is a modern misconception. However individual style and expression are always shining through original artworks. Even if they are following a strict canon or convention.I believe that certain limitations in Art (like the client's wishes) are not roadblocks for true Art but rather a starting point. On the other hand not every comminsion can turn to be great masterpiece :). There also place for ordinary good craft. Nothing wrong with that...

  • Angela artist
    Angela (@Yousaf) Plus Member
    09/25/2018 @ 9:36am

    I escape with my art, if I want to go to the beach, I draw it, if I want the day to be beautiful and snowy, full of magic, I draw it...I like creating eye candy if I lifts me, and, over time, I realise, it lifts others...commercially I’ve lightened up as an artist and since then I’ve started to sell more work, deeper darker stuff I do just for me, as an expression, so there’s my commercial self and my expressive ‘let it all out’ works for me

  • WieldingColor artist
    WieldingColor (@Wieldingcolor)
    09/30/2018 @ 10:14pm

    @carolinerodriguez i really connect with what you've said because honestly I get lose in the process of creation at times, it's so blissfully satisfying to see the image in your head manifest into a physical form. And appreciation definitely pushed me on!

  • WieldingColor artist
    WieldingColor (@Wieldingcolor)
    09/30/2018 @ 10:17pm

    Ikr! Art is an outlet for me too, I'm often overwhelmed by so many emotions that when I paint, the paparazzi takes a load off me. Totally agree with what you've said too, art feels personal to me but at the same time it's great when other people going through the same things can connect to it. @CatLee

  • Mike Litecky artist
    Mike Litecky (@Twitchyscribs)
    10/05/2018 @ 4:36pm

    Art is energy. Be it your own, or for others. It can be a reflection of who you are who you want to be. World experiences (events, interactions with others and inspiring moments) shape our energy. You can keep it for yourself or you can give it to others. But its always more fun to share, right? :)

  • Bleu Hope artist
    Bleu Hope (@bleuhope)
    10/13/2018 @ 4:31pm

    If you ask me, and this is especially true when you're starting out and still learning, go as inward as you can to find something that resonates with you and the world. All said, it doesn't hurt to have an audience in mind when making your art that influences the end product. If your following (however big or small) enables you in the best way, it doesn't hurt to give something back that they connect with. Toxic folk on the other hand? Show them the door, or pull a Lou Reed's 'Metal Machine Music' of your own making out of your magic hat to really piss them off. Succinctly put, it can be both for you and the wider world. Whatever works!

  • LiterarySketches artist
    LiterarySketches (@LiterarySketches)
    12/05/2018 @ 2:17am

    Art is mainly for you. Sometimes it's literally for another person because it's a commission or a request but overall you draw or paint or graphic design because you love it. I think that art can reflect what you want it to. Sometimes it reflects you and sometimes it's the opposite of you. Sometimes it doesn't really reflect anything! Art can mean so many things. What art means to me is a way to put your thoughts somewhere else. If you feel like your head is crowded and you just can't think straight. Draw it out and have some fun too! I have a hyper-active imagination and I sometimes struggle with it. Surprisingly I can focus extremely well on things but I think TOO much. It makes things very difficult and causes me anxiety. I just put on my headphones, play some music, and draw and everything is okay. I can clear my mind, I can put down whats in my head or I can put down something that I wasn't even thinking about just to relax. It's like sketchbooks are diaries. I also love to read and that calms me a ton too. I like to draw when I'm perfectly fine as well because, well...I love it!

  • Junkyard Sam artist
    Junkyard Sam (@JunkyardSam) Plus Member
    12/18/2018 @ 1:44pm

    If an artist cares to sell their work or get commissions then they have to consider the audience. This idea that "art is all about the artist" hasn't always been a thing. Most of the art we know from history was created as some kind of hired work or illustration. To me it's about finding a balance. I work the way that feels natural to me, but I adjust what I draw and how I draw over time based on how people respond. A lot of artists do that and would never admit it. They might not even do it consciously... but let's be honest. Who wants to make art that no one likes? I don't mean every artist should be Bob Ross! ...Just that art is about communicating with the viewer, so they have to be considered in the process. But in the end -- to each his own!

  • Phil Conner artist
    Phil Conner (@pcartistry)
    02/01/2019 @ 4:36pm

    Art to me is escapism. I go to my own little world, that is beautiful, fun and all the colors are bold and brighter then reality. I personally have to share my art... whether you like it or not!!!

  • Lara artist
    Lara (@2001)
    02/02/2019 @ 12:42pm

    i think it's very personal. i make art for myself and dont share it with anyone really. infact im here just to share it with strangers, kind of anonymously, and get some feedback and discuss topics involving art and creativity. to me art is expression of some kind, but i also believe it doesnt have to have a meaning, or it might not have any meaning or message to you right now, maybe in the future it will, but basically just something you felt like doing /creating. but at the end of the day, as i once heard someone say, im very grateful its not my task to define art. and also, i started painting and drawing suddenly and it was very therapeutic (still is), i get lost doing it and suddenly i find myself thinking about the things im dealing with atm much clearer. i think art is both for yourself and the world, at times one or the other, but can be both, because there is protest art, art that makes you question things, that brightens up your day or maybe does the opposite but with a purpose. and i dont think it necessarily defines you.

  • Arwen artist
    Arwen (@ArwenGallopswirlz)
    11/03/2019 @ 8:52am

    Art is how I fit into my surroundings. Art is how I meet new people, new friends, new opportunities. Among myself and my fellow artists, we are defined by our art. Our art holds all our thoughts, secrets and experiences. Our art contains us, just a tiny glimpse of who we are inside.

  • Leighanne artist
    Leighanne (@AbstractHuman8)
    01/14/2020 @ 4:10pm

    Art is a unique experience for every individual. I feel it serves the purpose of what any one person needs it to. Art is simply the act of creation so something one person doesn’t see as art another may see as such. For me I use it to better explore myself and make sense of the world around me, but I do also want it to show to others. However, my current deli manager has me wanting to sell things to others, but I really don’t think commercial art is my forte. I think I need to focus more on what I like and selling what others may later discover they want to buy as long as I am willing to sell something that I’ve already created.

  • Sandra chavez artist
    Sandra chavez (@Sacha) Plus Member
    08/18/2020 @ 2:40pm

    There is something therapeutic about doing art. Drawing scenes through my window has helped me through some very dark times (like now). So for me it’s very personal and, like Lara, I generally don’t share my art with others. Subjecting my art to the critique and judgement of others is an extremely uncomfortable process because it’s like subjecting pieces of myself for review and comment. On one hand I don’t care what others think of me or my art, on the other I care very deeply. But not sharing yourself or your art can lead to feelings of isolation. So I am looking for safe ways to get feedback and participate in discussions about the creative process.

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