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What do you do when you hate everything you're producing? How do you get out of the funk?

By Nai Obeid


  • Bleu Hope artist
    Bleu Hope (@bleuhope)
    12/28/2018 @ 6:08pm

    I've never really hated any finished works that I've produced so much as the methods I've used again and again to craft them (after a while). For years I used to craft my illustrations solely through pencil and graphite among other things, yet since I added pen & ink into my process as a finishing touch, I've seen my work strengthen and soar to heights I never thought possible. But yeah, succinctly put/long story short, when things wear thin I add something new and hope for the best. So far it's working out rather nicely.

  • Caroline Rodriguez artist
    Caroline Rodriguez (@carolinerodriguez)
    12/28/2018 @ 9:25pm

    I think the idea that @bleuhope mentioned is a great one -- add a bit of variety and explore with different mediums. Entering drawing challenges is a great way to just try something new. However, the overall issue, which is confidence, just needs to come naturally.

  • Lauren Konopacki artist
    Lauren Konopacki (@lettermore) Plus Member
    12/31/2018 @ 4:38pm

    I like to sit down and rather than "create something amazing" just experiment with different techniques for simply laying the color down on paper. For example, I'll experiment with different watercolor opacities and take it a step further by seeing how the paint will react with salt, or oil to create interesting effects. I find that it usually sparks my inspiration and curiosity, thus setting me on the right path. It's all about just playing and being open!

  • Embracing nightmares artist
    Embracing nightmares (@gibroni87) Plus Member
    01/01/2019 @ 3:24pm

    I like to go for walks in the woods. Just to think and get my mind clear. Or plug in my headphones and drown everything out and just sit for a bit. If I’m still stuck I just start doodling anything, not caring what comes out just making marks on paper. After a few times of this something catch’s in my mind and I’m able to get away from the brain fog. As far as not liking something I usually just stop what I’m doing and leave it, occasionally looking at it again to see if I can get a better understanding of what I really want with my picture. I have lots of unfinished work but I don’t see anything wrong with it. I don’t like to draw unless I’m pretty certain I’ll like the outcome.

  • Nai Obeid artist
    Nai Obeid (@naio) Plus Member
    01/03/2019 @ 3:39pm

    @bleuhope That's a great idea! Thanks for the tip!

  • Nai Obeid artist
    Nai Obeid (@naio) Plus Member
    01/03/2019 @ 3:59pm

    @carolinerodriguez @lettermore @gibroni87 Those are all great suggestions. Now I have an arsenal of ideas next time I find myself stuck :)

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